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Attie has spent most of his professional life in recording studios all over the world, working with artists as diverse as The Nits, The Scorpions, Menace with Bootsy Collins and Maceo Parker, Hans Dulfer, Yulduz, Latoya Jackson, Noa and the Gathering.

In the eighties Attie has learned a lot of working as an assistant-engineer and later as an engineer with world famous producers like Humberto Gatica, Roy Thomas Baker, Keith Olsen, Chris Lord Aldge, Steve Lipson and Mike Shipley, for artists like the Simple Minds and the Stranglers.

Attie is the only Dutch producer to have received Grammy nominations: "Producer of the Year" and "Best Engineered Album" for his production of Fight. This was the band of Rob Halford, who Attie worked with, on the Grammy-nominated Judas Priest album Painkiller. Attie's remix of Kill It (Fight) was "Most Requested Remix on Radio in 1994" in the USA. In 2008 Attie mixed and mastered the in 2009 Grammy nominated "Nostradamus", of Judas Priest.

Since 1988, when Attie was asked to teach 'studio production', he has presented workshops for the students of the Dutch Royal Conservatory in The Hague. He is also a member of the examination committee of the 'music recording' department for the 4 year curriculum: the classical- recording program and studio-recording program. In 2004 Attie was asked to work at the Conservatory of Amsterdam as well, as a teacher in the Pop Music program.

The albums that Attie mixed for Hans Dulfer, became very successful. BIG BOY hit the album charts during 1994-1995 in most European countries and in Japan. For the japanese market, Attie made a special mix of Mickey Mouth. Hyperbeat was the best sold instrumental cd in Japan for 1995.

Attie worked with much pleasure as a composer and producer on the sound track of the movie 'King of LA' with Saul Williams, as well as on the score for the Dutch movie 'Babs'. The opera movie Rigoletto, by Opera Spanga, of which Attie did the whole music and sound production in 5.1 surround recording and mixing, was one of the three nominees for de Gouden Beelden 2004, in the category Art and Culture.
This is the Dutch Emmy Award. For the music production of the opera movie "Samson and Delilah" Attie recorded a 120 piece orchestra and choir in Poland.

BEAT ME, The album of the Japanese band Electric Eel Shock, that Attie produced, became album of the year 2005 in Australia.

Attie mixed and mastered Racoon's succesfull multi platinum album 'Another Day'. It won two 3FM Awards and the 'Schaal van Rigter', Racoon also took the 2006 Edison Music Award Pop. The Edison Award is a Dutch prize for quality in sound recording and is the equivalent to the U.S. Grammy Award. Their album "Before You Leave" that he mixed and mastered became gold as well.

Attie was the first person in Holland to work with the Fairlight series III and is also the first to do all of his mixing in ProTools. Several times he was flown to studios abroad to help with their problems in these new technologies. Attie is living in Amsterdam and has his own studio, with one of the most extended versions of ProTools.

Muziekkrant OOR nominated Attie in the December 2000 as one of the best Dutch Producers of the last 40 years in Holland.

Since 2008 Attie is a member of "The Producers and Engineer Wing" of the NARAS "National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences". The Recording Academy, which began in 1957, is famous for its Grammy Awards. Attie became a voting member.