"Attie is a technical genious"
Keith Olsen - producer: Fleetwood Mac, Scorpions, Foreigner, Pat Benatar, Heart.

When it comes to the sound on the album, Halford is quick to give producer Attie Bauw credit, "Oh yes, he's an untapped genius. He's got an amazing ear for sound."
Rob Halford, Judas Priest, Fight

Attie Bauw, (SCORPIONS), who came in on the Painkiller album and he¹s worked with Rob on some of his FIGHT stuff - he¹s a great guy and a great understander of music. He helped us mix and master the record - it was a lot of work to get everything to be as right as it can be technically.
K.K. Downing, guitarist of Judas Priest , in a special BW&BK report by "Metal" Tim Henderson about the Nostradamus album

"Attie is doctor sound"
Xavier Carion, Channel Zero

"Attie Bauw is a genius mad professor of Rock'n'Roll and working with him was an amazing experience. On our new album Beat Me it was Attie's encouragement and great production that helped us find our new original sound: heavy, sleazy, dirty and sexy.
We are really looking forward to getting into a studio with him again."
Aki Morimoto, singer of Electric Eel Shock in Artrocker magazine 2005

As for working with Attie Bauw, he is a very inspirational man with great ideas and we were very anxious to work with him again.
Anneke van Giersbergen, The Gathering 2006

"Da Da Da" is a feast for the heart and soul and kind of like ice cream for the ears.
Stephen SPAZ Schnee, All Music Guide - Da Da Da - NITS

Following is taken from interviews of the Trust Obey / John Bergin email adress july 1996.
The producer who was at the top of my list was Attie Bauw. He's a great producer. Probably the only guy I'd feel comfortable with saying "Here's the tapes. You mix them. I'll be back in a few days when you're done". Anyone else and I'd have to sit-in and minitow. He's the guy who co-produced the Fight records. In particular the Mutations EP remixes and those are just brilliant. Real nice, heavy, clean mixes. Compare them to the album , versions and even if you don't like Fight's music, you can really see where the guy's talents lie and what I'm talking about.(...)

the period 1997-1998
the story behind How to Meassure a Planet?

We wanted to talk with Attie Bauw. He's a well known producer in The Netherlands with a lot of professional equipment (the latest ProTools version and ditto plug-ins). Attie wasn't afraid of experimenting, and we needed somebody who had the tools and the know-how to experiment. We were very inspired when we started recording in 1998. We had a lot of ideas, sketches of songs, or just one main riff or idea, when we hit Bauwhaus studio, Attie Bauw's private studios. We tried to re-invent ourselves without losing the Gathering sound. I think we succeeded 100%. Very unconventional things, like mixing and watching '2001 a space oddeysee' together, like the song How to Measure a Planet? itself. ...Well, it's not a song, it's more a sort of soundscape. Together with Attie we wrote songs like Liberty Bell and Marooned. Songs I still love nowadays.
Hans Rutten 2000, The Gathering.

"Jarenlang heb ik gedacht ik dat in al die studio's de spullen niet deugden, dat in één van die apparaten alle energie bleef hangen. Tot we voor onze vorige cd de studio in gingen met Attie Bauw. Hij vond ons niet zo goed en zei dat ook. Dat was pijnlijk maar ook heel verfrissend. Hij heeft ons duidelijk gemaakt dat je in de studio niks hebt aan de dingen die je op het podium goed maken. Op de planken heb je een boel poeha en bluf. Als je een plaat maakt moet je dat allemaal loslaten. Attie heeft me uitgelegd hoe het opnameproces precies in zijn werk gaat. Hij liet me ook het effect horen van dingen die ik deed. Van hem heb ik geleerd ho e je jezelf zo klein kunt maken dat wat je doet glorieert en niet wie je bent.' ....'Bij anderen hoorde ik het altijd meteen. Maar iemand moest het mij eens vertellen."
Rick de Leeuw: Music Maker, april 2000, interview door Jan van der Plas: Trockener Kecks interview

Dear Attie,
I never took the chance to tell you what a beautiful job you did with the sound for Rigoletto. I've had great fun hearing the Foley and of course the movement of sound and voices is impressive. But as conductor of the piece I have to give you my greatest compliments for what you have done with the recording of the orchestra. It is exciting, dynamic, creative, very flattering and a pleasure to listen to. Thank you so much. I hope that we will have other chances to collaborate. Take care.
David Levi, conductor of 'Rigoletto' movie 2003

Next band I would like to ask is one of your biggest successes, the 1989 SCORPIONS classic "Crazy world"... OK, this was probably one of the more successful Scorpion albums, because the single "Winds of change" from the "Crazy world" album went on becoming the largest seller ever in the world for them. The song went to number 1 in 18 countries and in 40 countries it was a top 5 hit. That single alone sold millions of records, and of course so did their "Crazy world" record. ..... I spent a few months in Hilversum (Wisseloord Studios) where I got to work with Attie Bauw.... Attie Bauw, one of the nicest men I ever met and he is also a fantastic mixer, he does amazing industrial mixes. Attie is a great guy, and I had a great time with him in Holland doing the "Crazy world" record.
Strotter Magazine interview with Keith Olsen

I was looking over the sessions that we did here last year, and was thinking of the Staat session. It was really a great pleasure to work with you Attie, I think it’s a long time since I worked with an engineer here that had such a unique and interesting way of working. It was a great pleasure to watch, as well as very inspiring. I’ve tried a number of your techniques since all to great effect - so thanks for that!
David Odlum, owner of studio Black Box, France.

Peter Schuyff (The Woodwards)
It’s our second recording produced by Attie Bauw. That’s why it’s called Two (…) Attie’s a mad genius. First he had me learn how to play in time. That was the deal. If I learned how to play in time he’d make me a rhythm section. Attie wouldn’t make just any record…

MetalUnderground.com, Sunday Old School: Channel Zero:
Franky DSVD claims that Bauw was the first person to successfully record the band and bring their live energy into the studio